Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Southern Tier News Company is located at 353 Upper Oakwood Ave, Elmira heights, NY 14903

Southern Tier News Company is a Regional supplier of periodicals to retail stores in New York, Pennsylvania, and adjacent States. We are the people who bring magazines, books, and newspapers to stores selling these products to the public.


As we enter our second century of business, the same principles have guided the three generations of this family business.

Give the customer what the customer wants to the fullest extent possible. Don’t ever sacrifice quality. Maintain integrity. We never forget when the Company takes care of our people, our people will take care of the Company and our customers.

Jeff Rubin


Jeff Rubin, President


Performance. Our customer’s have goals. We listen, and then we act, quickly, to deliver results.

Innovation. We are a company committed to testing new ideas. Industry ideas, information technology ideas, and employee ideas. Our goal is to continuously improve.

Responsibility. Successful companies and successful people in them acting responsibly. We try to do our part by maintaining the highest ethical, environmental, and safety standards everywhere, everyday.

Going Forward. The future belongs to those who make timely, well-reasoned decisions. We invest in systems and our most valuable asset, our people, to help you. We don’t stand still.